Who We Are

We’re one of Missouri S&T’s newest and most ambitious design teams. We compete in the Drillbotics competition against other universities around the world.

What We Do

Each year a small-scale drill rig  is designed and built that autonomously drill through an unknown rock sample. The goal of the competition is for the next generation of engineers to develop a deeper understanding of  automation in the drilling process.

Who We Need

EVERYONE is welcome regardless of discipline or experience. Mechanical engineers are needed for designing the frame and all moving components. Geologists to understand all the possible rocks that the team could face in the competition. Electrical engineers and programmers to design the control system and software to run the drill. Petroleum engineers with knowledge on drilling. But most of all, leaders are needed to develop cutting-edge ideas and to guide others. Anybody can join and may end up working on things that have very in common with their major or their interests; they just need to be willing to try.